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TYPO3 tracking extension

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Tested with TYPO3: 11 LTS, 10 LTS

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I've created a small tracking extension for TYPO3. This should basically demonstrate what developers can achieve with newest APIs inside of TYPO3 v10.

It also provides widgets and works as a showcase for the new EXT:dashboard.

Two of our customers requested us to extend the extension for their TYPO3 installations. Therefore we added some more features and are now releasing the extension for public use.


Right now everyone can use the extension. Either require from composer, or download the extension from GitHub and place it inside of typo3conf/ext folder.

The extension provides server side tracking without any JavaScript or Cookies. Still it lacks many of the powerful features provided by solutions like Google Analytics.

The extension allows to track visits of pages, as well of specific records. The statistics will be displayed via widgets and new ext:dashboard.

Integrators can fine control which requests should be tracked. E.g. by default visits with active backend user login are not tracked.

Screenshot of TYPO3 dashbaord widgets, displaying pageview records.
Figure i20: Demonstrates how collected pageviews can be visualized via EXT:dashboard.


The development happens on GitHub (https://github.com/danielsiepmann/tracking) and is fully transparent and open source. All changes are made via pull requests. Also we have 100% code coverage (linewise) using Unit and Functional tests.


In case you wanna contribute, you can create issues or send in pull requests. Also we do paid development for the extension, in case you miss a specific feature.


Thanks to our sponsors so far which are web-to-date: https://www.web-to-date.com/ as well as werkraum_ media: https://www.werkraum-media.de/. They requested and paid me to extend and finish the extension for public usage.

Further reading

I've initially published information about the extension on a subpage.

You can also find the official documentation at docs.typo3.org.

And source code, pull requests and issues can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/danielsiepmann/tracking

The composer package is available at: https://packagist.org/packages/danielsiepmann/tracking.