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TYPO3 Fediverse Accounts

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I'm a user of the Fediverse. But TYPO3 is not yet there. I've created multiple accounts that mirror feeds to you can follow them within the Fediverse.

Using the accounts

You can either follow the different accounts with your own Fediverse account. Each account also is available as an Atom Feed which you can add to your feed reader. You can also check each accounts contacts and add the RSS feeds they mirror to your reader.

TYPO3 News Account

The first and probably most important account is TYPO3 News which is available at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3news. You can see the mirrored feeds within the contacts page at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3news/contacts.

TYPO3 Security Advisories Account

TYPO3 Security Advisories is available at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3securityadvisories. You can see the mirrored feeds within the contacts page at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3securityadvisories/contacts. It will mirror the RSS feed of the official TYPO3 Security Advisories.

TYPO3 Commits Account

Another accounts mirrors each TYPO3 commit made to the main branch. The account is available here: https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3commits.

TYPO3 TYPO3 Issues Account

Another accounts mirrors each TYPO3 issue created at forge.typo3.org. The account is available here: https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3issues.

TYPO3 Blogs Account

And there is an account mirror different community blog feeds. The account is available at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3blogs and you can check all the blog feeds at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3blogs/contacts.

TYPO3 Videos Account

There is also an account mirroring feeds with Videos, e.g. TYPO3 YouTube Channel. The account is available here: https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3videos.

TYPO3 Decisions and Talk Accounts

One account mirrors each new TYPO3 decisions topic from https://decisions.typo3.org/latest and is available at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3decisions/.

The other mirrors each new TYPO3 talk topic from https://talk.typo3.org/ and is available at https://friendica.daniel-siepmann.de/profile/typo3talk/.

TYPO3 (lemmy) Forum

This one isn't provided by myself, but Matengor. A forum is more or less the same concept as Reddit has. You can find the forum at https://lemmy.ml/c/typo3. Thanks to Matengor for providing the forum. You don't need an account there, as lemmy is part of the Fediverse.You can follow the forum as you can follow other user accounts. And you can post to the Forum as you can post to a user.