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TYPO3 Extension: feedit

Purpose of project

The extension allows to add, delete, sort, hide and un hide content of TYPO3 in frontend. Therefore small Icons are added to each record to trigger the action.

In general that should ease the work of editors to update content of the system.

Current state

The extension is now TYPO3 10.4 LTS compatible. It does no longer contain inline JS or CSS, which allows to use Content-Security-Policy.

Some more info can be found at an older blog post Hidden TYPO3 gem EXT:feedit.


Screenshot of editPanel and editIcon in page context
Figure i16: A screenshot of custom styled editPanel and editIcon. The panel allows to edit, move, hide and delete the record.
EXT:feedit feature in admin panel. Allows to activate further features and edit current page.
Figure i15: Displays the features in admin panel. Allows to activate or deactivate further features configured by integrators. Also allows to edit the current page.

How does it work?

TYPO3 itself provides TypoScript options to add the icons in content. This extension is just a concrete implementation. The extension also uses the new AdminPanel API to add new JavaScript and a new module to the admin panel to work on page level.

Where to get it

The TYPO3 extension is published on GitHub.com as well as on Packagist.org. There is no plan to release on extensions.typo3.org.

I would recommend to either download as zip and install plain, or use composer.

composer require friendsoftypo3/feedit