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TYPO3 Budget: Provide QA Best Practices usable by Community


We want to help TYPO3 developers build high-quality extensions and sites.
For this, we provide example projects and extensions that both serve as a learning resource as well as a source for easy copy’n’pasting.

We also create and maintain standards documents in these areas if the TYPO3 Association or the TYPO3 GmbH asks us to.

To do this, we continually build and hone our expertise in this area.
This will include trying things out and changing things that have not worked out well enough.

We also freely share our advice on these topics when asked.


The existing outcome can be found as source at:

As well as in our reports published at typo3.org:

And other outcomes:

  • Online Session by Oliver Klee demonstrating the setup in 2021. Recorded at YouTube.

Money Spend

We spend:

  • € 4,378.25 in 2021
  • € 2,408.90 in 2020

All money is spend on working time, to enable the team members to work on the tasks. All tasks are available as GitHub issues.


We did not receive a budget from TYPO3 Association for 2022. So funding is very welcome. Get in contact with the team at the Slack channel, or write an email to daniel.siepmann| at |typo3.org.

You can join the TYPO3 Slack channel and contribute at the repositories.