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t3oce: Short Introduction into TYPO3 - What is Content?

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I prerecorded a talk for the t3oce 2020. The talk should introduce beginners into the concepts of TYPO3. It should explain how to add and edit content, as well as what content in Context of TYPO3 actually is. Once one knows these basic concepts, I explain how to render content with TYPO3.

The talk should work as an basic introduction into TYPO3 for integrators as well as developers.

TYPO3 Online Community Event

The TYPO3 Online Community Event took place from 01. - 02. August 2020. More information about the event can be found at https://t3oce.org/. It was the first online community event, organized by Camp Berlin, Munich and Rhine Ruhr.

Part of the event were sessions in BarCamp style. Some speakers pre recorded those sessions, just like me.

The talk

It was the first time I created a video. The video can be found on YouTube, once published by the organisers.

I've also created a small promotion video to test the whole setup. This video can also be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMfjihEQ9-k.

The Video

Video v26: Short Introduction into TYPO3 - What is Content?
Size: 147.92 MB
YouTube: m0VFhn8tes8

What is content? How content can be edited. How content is rendered and displayed in Frontend This will cover TypoScript and HTML output, as well as the general possibility to generate further output formats.
The goal is to provide an overview of the concepts and how they play together.

The following versions are used inside the video:

TYPO3: 10.4.5

Further reading

You can find further information here: