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Unix Setup: neovim

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I'll explain my current setup of Neovim. I'm using this editor since some years as the only editor. I'm a full time developer, mostly working on PHP based websites using the open source CMS TYPO3. Therefore, my Neovim is tuned to ease work in that specific area. I've also worked with ReStructuredText (=rst), Python and TypeScript. Most parts should be reusable for other areas, some are very specific to TYPO3 but might give insights and ideas on how to improve workflows for other projects.

The post will explain my folder directory and setup, as well as plugins and foreign tools that are integrated into Neovim.

Vim Tricks Live Coding Daniel Siepmann

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Daniel gave a live coding workshop during the "Hall of Fame Never Code Alone Event". The workshop was in german and recorded on video.

The workshop included the very basics of how to use Vim, and understanding the concepts behind.

The participants worked with a wireless keyboard and tried to find their way around. This is the concept of "Never Code Alone Events".

Integrate TypoScript linter into VIM

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As more and more people like to lint their files, it’s obvious that we also should lint our Typoscript files in TYPO3 projects. Therefore Martin Helmich has created a Typoscript parser and Typoscript linter.

In this blog post you will learn how to integrate this linter into vim and neovim by using syntastic as a plugin.

Talk: Writing NeoVim Plugins using Python Plugin API

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This talk will be held at Vimfest 2017 in Berlin. I’ll show how to write plugins for Nvim using the new Python Plugin API. The API is async and wraps the new msgpack. The API is called “Remote Plugin API”.

As an example I will use the plugin neotags, which is my first Nvim plugin using the new API. It’s completely written in Python3 and covered with tests. Of course there are already some tag update plugins out there, but I wanted to try out the new API. Also most of the plugins did not work with my setup, or contain to much code and no tests.

Folder specific settings in Vim

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If you are like me, you have a structured filesystem for your different jobs. E.g. one for your own projects, one for customers, one for learnings, etc. This allows you to set specific options within Vim related to the projects or customers. E.g. if typo3 uses tabs instead of spaces you can configure that for Projects/typo3/**. And if you want to ignore certain folders like build within Sphinx installations, but not within e.g. typo3 projects, you can do it like the following.

Link list for Vim

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As a dedicated Vim user I’ve collected some links already which I want to share as a list here. This list is dedicated to my team mate @dk2kde. And I recommend walking through them in the order I’ve listed them.