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TYPO3 Content with Solr Usable by Editors

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Tested with TYPO3: 10 LTS

Topics: video, typo3

I know many editors and people complaining about TYPO3 for various reasons. In this video I'll show an actual customer project. I demonstrate how performant a website build with TYPO3 and EXT:solr can be. And I demonstrate how pleasant the TYPO3 backend can be.

Unix Setup: neovim

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Topics: video, vim

I'll explain my current setup of Neovim. I'm using this editor since some years as the only editor. I'm a full time developer, mostly working on PHP based websites using the open source CMS TYPO3. Therefore, my Neovim is tuned to ease work in that specific area. I've also worked with ReStructuredText (=rst), Python and TypeScript. Most parts should be reusable for other areas, some are very specific to TYPO3 but might give insights and ideas on how to improve workflows for other projects.

The post will explain my folder directory and setup, as well as plugins and foreign tools that are integrated into Neovim.

t3oce: Short Introduction into TYPO3 - What is Content?

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Tested with TYPO3: 11 LTS, 10 LTS

Topics: video, tutorial, talk

I prerecorded a talk for the t3oce 2020. The talk should introduce beginners into the concepts of TYPO3. It should explain how to add and edit content, as well as what content in Context of TYPO3 actually is. Once one knows these basic concepts, I explain how to render content with TYPO3.

The talk should work as an basic introduction into TYPO3 for integrators as well as developers.

Video: PHPUnit Introduction

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Tested with TYPO3: 10 LTS, 9 LTS, 8 LTS

Topics: video, tutorial, testing

This is my very first video. It will introduce you to the beginning of PHPUnit to create unit tests for PHP Code.

The video includes instructions on how to install dependencies via composer, as well as how to write and execute first tests.

Execution is done on command line, as this should be the same on all environments.