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Migrating to nix home-manager

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Topics: nix, unix

I'm using Ubuntu LTS for some years now, coming from macOS with Homebrew beforehand.

Right now I'm switching parts of my setup to nix home-manager. Nix itself is a package manager and language to describe how to install packages. home-manager is a community project built on top of the language to describe the setup of a user (home).

This post will give a short overview of the benefits and my new setup. I'm still a beginner in the whole nix ecosystem. Still, I already enjoy it on a daily basis.

Local mysqldump via SSH Tunnel

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Topics: unix, typo3

When using mysqldump, the tool has to be compatible with mysql server version. Some hosters might not provide such an environment. That's one reason when you wanna use mysqldump on your local system to create an mysql dump from a foreign database.

Most environments prevent remote access to the database server, which is a good thing. But this would prevent you from using mysqldump on your local environment. To overcome this issue, you can use ssh to create a temporary tunnel to the database server through another server, e.g. the production system.

Integrate TypoScript linter into VIM

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Topics: unix, vim, typo3, typoscript

As more and more people like to lint their files, it’s obvious that we also should lint our Typoscript files in TYPO3 projects. Therefore Martin Helmich has created a Typoscript parser and Typoscript linter.

In this blog post you will learn how to integrate this linter into vim and neovim by using syntastic as a plugin.

Talk: Writing NeoVim Plugins using Python Plugin API

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Topics: unix, vim

This talk will be held at Vimfest 2017 in Berlin. I’ll show how to write plugins for Nvim using the new Python Plugin API. The API is async and wraps the new msgpack. The API is called “Remote Plugin API”.

As an example I will use the plugin neotags, which is my first Nvim plugin using the new API. It’s completely written in Python3 and covered with tests. Of course there are already some tag update plugins out there, but I wanted to try out the new API. Also most of the plugins did not work with my setup, or contain to much code and no tests.


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Topics: unix

Tmux is a nice tool. Most people already know screen, and tmux is like screen a terminal multiplexer.

A terminal multiplexer is a software application that can be used to multiplex several virtual consoles, allowing a user to access multiple separate login sessions inside a single terminal window, or detach and reattach sessions from a terminal.