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Topic: quality assurance

Composer dependency checker

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Topics: quality assurance, typo3

This post will provide a small introduction into composer package "maglnet/composer-require-checker".

Some hints regarding usage for TYPO3 extensions is given, while there is not to much to know.

The composer package allows to check missing dependencies within composer.json. Its purpose is to run locally or in a CI to verify that all necessary dependencies are added to the composer.json file.

Integrate TYPO3 Linting with GitLab-CI

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Topics: quality assurance, typo3

GitLab is the new buzzword for cloud- and self-hosted repository hosting connected to a CI. We are using GitLab-CI in combination with Docker for running tests, linting code and deployments.

In this post I’ll explain how to setup linting TypoScript and YAML for TYPO3 projects using GitLab-CI.