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Vim Tricks Live Coding Daniel Siepmann

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Daniel gave a live coding workshop during the "Hall of Fame Never Code Alone Event". The workshop was in german and recorded on video.

The workshop included the very basics of how to use Vim, and understanding the concepts behind.

The participants worked with a wireless keyboard and tried to find their way around. This is the concept of "Never Code Alone Events".

TYPO3 Camp Rhein Ruhr 2018 - Recap

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This is my personal recap of this years TYPO3 Camp Rhein Ruhr. Especially as this is a German speaking camp. I’ll publish the recap in English, so everyone not capable of understanding the Youtube videos or slides, has a chance to at least know what happened.

Right the day before official start of work shops, @Jens_der_Denker, @spooner_web and myself met. Jens and me set up a basic TYPO3 deployment at bitbucket.org using Bitbucket Pipelines.