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feedit bugfix 10.0.2 released

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Tested with TYPO3: 10 LTS

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A new bugfix version of TYPO3 extension feedit was released.

This one actually allows to use the extension again, and also fixes an issue that prevented proper initialization.

Older versions of the extension did not properly initialize TYPO3 backend, e.g. when trying to edit an record. This could lead to an unusable state.

This version should fix that and always allow to edit records.

The issue is fixed for buttons in content, as well as the admin panel.

Contained bugfixes

The following two bugfixes are part of the release:

  • 3450ed6 Fix implementation of RequestEnricherInterface
  • 3b3f156 Fix none working backend

Update now

The current version can be installed via composer:

composer req friendsoftypo3/feedit:^10.0.2

It can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/FriendsOfTYPO3/feedit/releases/tag/v10.0.2.