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TYPO3 Plugins as Content Elements

E.g. to add a simplified and project-specific News Extension Content element for backend editors.

You might think “I know what plugins, within TYPO3, are”. Maybe that’s true, maybe you will still learn something new.

This blog post will first explain what TYPO3 plugins are. But it will also explain how to define site specific plugins for existing installed 3rd party extensions, and why this might be useful.

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Configure page UIDs for all content elements in TYPO3

TYPO3 uses pages to organise the structure of a website. This leads to situations where you have a specific page for a feature, e.g. a page “Search” containing the plugin to display search results. Or a page containing the profile of the currently logged in user. Typically links to these pages are scattered all over the website, e.g. within some content elements, inside the page layout like header and within some plugins.

This Blog post explains how to provide the page uid for a specific page, to all three kinds of “content”, where you typically need this information, with three lines of TypoScript.

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Integrate TYPO3 Linting with GitLab CI

GitLab is the new buzzword for cloud- and self-hosted repository hosting connected to a CI. We are using GitLab-CI in combination with Docker for running tests, linting code and deployments.

In this post I’ll explain how to setup linting TypoScript and YAML for TYPO3 projects using GitLab-CI.

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Build TYPO3 Language Menu without the need of optionSplit

TYPO3 CMS allows you to build a language menu to enable the frontend user to switch the current language. This menu is generated via TypoScript using optionSplit. Just start a query and take a look at the snippets. This way has one big drawback. In a multi domain setup you have to change the config

We have overcame this issue with one language menu working for all setup on all domains without the need to adjust anything. Read here how to achieve this.


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Merge storagePids in TypoScript setup from multiple Extensions

You often have to merge some storage pids inside your static TypoScript setup of an extension.

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