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How to create TYPO3 Form select element with options selected from database

TYPO3s new form framework allows to write custom form elements. This way you are able to define a new select element, based on the existing one, but filled with options fetched from database.

E.g. you want your user to select from sys_category or some other custom records. In this blog post I will show how to provide the necessary logic in a custom PHP class, how to register a new element extending the existing one and how to use this new element in your forms.

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How to crypt submitted values using a custom finisher in TYPO3 CMS 8

Since TYPO3 CMS Version 8 there is a new Form framework heavily inspired by Neos Form Framework. As most parts of Neos / Flow it’s a great heavy dynamic component with great power.

In this post I will show how easy it is to write a custom finisher to crypt submitted values using the SaltedPasswords extension. This enables you to write fe_user registration forms without the need of 3rd party extensions.

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