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Documentation marketing

During my contributions in the area of documentation it turns out most developers have so much fun while developing new features. In the end they are proud of their new product, but don’t provide documentation for their users. Users can be further developers extending the original product via an API, or the user interacting with the product via a GUI or CLI. Sometimes they promote their new product, e.g. a new feature. They write a Blog post, tweet about it, talk on conferences, and so on. But no one else can inform himself about the features and much more important if he once get interested, how to use the product or feature.


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Workflow for: Read the docs, Sphinx and Plantuml

Documentation was never easier, with a Framework like Sphinx and a hoster like Read the docs. All you need is a repository containing your Documentation written with Sphinx and an account at Read the docs. Plantuml can be used in addition to generate UML-Diagrams using plain text. The result can be SVG files in the same color as your Documentation. The whole setup and workflow for that will be explained in this Blog post. After reading the post, you are able to kickstart a new documentation and host it at Read the docs. You then can dig deeper and adjust it to your needs.

A first result after kickstart and first generation.

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TYPO3 Custom DevLog

TYPO3 ships with a debugging process called DevLog. It’s a function provided by the core and used by many extensions. The main purpose is to log information for debugging. Beside the new Core feature Logging Framework, it’s older and therefore used in more extensions. TYPO3 doesn’t ship with a handler for this function, it’s possible to provide handler via TYPO3’s Events, Signals and Hooks mechanism and the popular devlog extension is installed on many TYPO3 installations to have a handler which logs everything to the database and provide a backend module to see the entries. But that’s not necessary, you can register your own, very small handler in your AdditionalConfiguration.php or your distribution.


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Say thanks to the TYPO3 Documentation Team

The TYPO3 Documentation Team makes a great job. Each feature is as good as it’s documentation. Whether inside the code or as HTML or plain text format.

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Merge storagePids in TypoScript setup from multiple Extensions

You often have to merge some storage pids inside your static TypoScript setup of an extension.

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TYPO3 XLIFF for Extension Development

Since TYPO3 4.5 it’s possible to use the new XLIFF-Format for translation. There is a very nice article about the differences and usage in the internet. Take a look at it. After reading I had some more question. I’ll try to answer them now in this post.

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Sorting a multidimensional array with array_multisort

We first need the array we want to sort (here called arrayToSort). Secondly we need a second array containing the values we want to sort. In this case our names. I called the array arrayWithNamesToSort.

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MediaWiki: Add SyntaxHighlighter (custom css and js)

Therefore I had to add the CSS- and JS-Files to the Theme. This is done by adding the following lines of code to the method “initPage” of the theme-file:

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Use AJAX in TYPO3 without eID

I don’t like to use the eID mechanism, because I have to instantiate everything on my own (db-connection, feuser,…)

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