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Integrate Typoscript linter into VIM

As more and more people like to lint their files, it’s obvious that we also should lint our Typoscript files in TYPO3 projects. Therefore Martin Helmich has created a Typoscript parser and Typoscript linter.

In this blog post you will learn how to integrate this linter into vim and neovim by using syntastic as a plugin.

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Use Whoops as Exception handler for TYPO3

During development for TYPO3 you often run into Exceptions. They do not look very nice. A much nicer alternative might be whoops which @dk2kde told me about. It will not only handle exceptions, but also PHP Errors like syntax errors.

In this small blog post I will show you how to use whoops as exception handler for TYPO3 projects during local development. The result will be:


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Why not to be afraid of asking customers to pay for technical dept

An alternative name for this post could be: I definitely have to learn to take less, or to be happy with less perfectly work. As I had to finish a new feature for one of our customers today, while being at the TYPO3 conference in Amsterdam, I took a look at the time tracking. This feature took five hours of time to be implemented. Everything he requested was to implemented a Newsletter registration with double opt in for a lottery game. Of course the customer already has a registration with double opt in for the newsletter. So the only task I had to do, was to bring the information from lottery form to the newsletter. Sounds like a small deal and it actually was. But where does the time come from?

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