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Use Whoops as Exception handler for TYPO3

During development for TYPO3 you often run into Exceptions. They do not look very nice. A much nicer alternative might be whoops which @dk2kde told me about. It will not only handle exceptions, but also PHP Errors like syntax errors.

In this small blog post I will show you how to use whoops as exception handler for TYPO3 projects during local development. The result will be:


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TYPO3 Custom DevLog

TYPO3 ships with a debugging process called DevLog. It’s a function provided by the core and used by many extensions. The main purpose is to log information for debugging. Beside the new Core feature Logging Framework, it’s older and therefore used in more extensions. TYPO3 doesn’t ship with a handler for this function, it’s possible to provide handler via TYPO3’s Events, Signals and Hooks mechanism and the popular devlog extension is installed on many TYPO3 installations to have a handler which logs everything to the database and provide a backend module to see the entries. But that’s not necessary, you can register your own, very small handler in your AdditionalConfiguration.php or your distribution.


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TYPO3 Debug last SQL Statement

You often need to debug your SQL-Statements. That isn’t difficult, because TYPO3 give you easy to use functions for this situation:

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