Daniel Siepmann - Coding is Art

About me


First of all, I'm an idealistic programmer using a Unix operating system and open source software.

Most of the time I am working in the area of web using TYPO3 as CMS of my choice since 2012.


Most of the time I am working with and for TYPO3. Most of the websites I've created since 2012 are done with TYPO3. Nowadays I am also part of:

It is unlikely that you will find an Extension authored by me, but I contribute by Documentation and blog posts, as well by exchanging knowledge as much as possible.

Codappix GmbH

I'm currently employed at Codappix GmbH. This company was founded by three colleagues and myself.

We founded this company in order to work the way we want. This includes, but is not limited to:

Services I provide

I'm providing the following services as an employer of Codappix GmbH, through the company:

Working with TYPO3 by either supporting with integration or development. Also debugging speed performance of installations. The services also include support of debugging in case you encounter bugs.

Some agencies and especially freelancers often need a second opinion, you can also get that one regarding most topics related to TYPO3 or websites.

Besides TYPO3, I also help to setup automated deployments and staging systems, which most of the time go hand in hand. I already setup GitLab CI with automated staging systems per feature branch for two of our customers in 2019.

Independend of TYPO3, I also support you in adding tests to your project. This covers unit and functional tests with PHPUnit, as well as acceptance tests written with codeception using selenium or phpbrowser and mailhog.

I also offer individual trainings for all the above topics. There will be no pre defined trainings, as every agency and person has individual strengths and needs. To achieve what you need, each training will be an individual one, with the topics you need.