T3CON15 Day 1 - The agile conference

First of all, all sessions will be available on Youtube as a playlist. So if you couldn’t make it this year, or want to rehear one talk, just check out the video. Until now, there are only two videos, but come later and fetch the rest. SHIFT
The basic message from all agile talks was, shift, make changes and follow Kaizen. Even if nobody used the word Kaizen that day, they all succeed because they worked the Kaizen way.

The first day was all about business with the TYPO3 Award in the evening. One big topic this year on the first day was agile. You could stay the whole day at room onedrop and listen to different aspects and opinions of agile.

Let´s get RE.A.L. // No Offers, no Contracts, no Sprints // Do the best Projects you can imagine

The agile day started with “Let´s get RE.A.L. // No Offers, no Contracts, no Sprints // Do the best Projects you can imagine.” by Sven Ditz. It was packed in a story of a beautiful island called project island. And how the agency used different aspects of agile and lean management to reduce costs for them and of course for the customers. Basically they don’t waste time with estimations anymore but do RawEstimates nowadays. The talk showed how agile does work. It’s not about one big framework which you follow and everything will become better. It’s about using the ideas out there, try them out and adjust them to your need. Because no one out there know that you will come some day and use there framework. You still need to adopt it to your needs.

If you think this opinion is wrong, just take a look at the agile manifesto:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

Public Call for Tenders for an Agile Web Project

The second talk was “Public Call for Tenders for an Agile Web Project” by Peter Pröll and it was all about agile web projects with government in mind. How can you achieve to work agile with customers from government in Europe. There are some rules you have to keep in mind and you have to follow. It’s not as easy as with some other customers, like pointed out in the first talk. But it’s definitely possible and Peter was able to show how.

Reinventing punkt.de, a tale from the journey to an agile company

The third one was “Reinventing punkt.de, a tale from the journey to an agile company” by Fabian Stein. He talked about the way his company took to get even more agile. They already did work using scrum as a framework, but they weren’t agile themselves. There were still people not involved in decisions, the CEO was the bottleneck, you had to ask for permissions. They now are an agile agency and as an agile agency, they follow Kaizen to become better all the time. They had implemented some nice ideas. E.g. all decisions they make have an expiring date, when they will be rechecked whether they still are valid or should be changed. And even further, they are using mechanisms like the skill radar to make decisions easier.

Management in agile, fast changing, large organizations

The last talk was “Agencies and Agile – Pain and Opportunity” by Dr. Johannes Mainusch which was twice as long, because the talk afterwards by Sacha Storz could not be held during illness.

Basically the talk was about how organisations, like agencies, can grow healthy. It was very interesting to see how an organisation can be structured to make it easier to grow and how you can create chaos by growing to fast. He even coded an interactive digram which you can check out on his Blog as a post You can check out his presentation online.