OS X Terminal colors and fonts

If you’re using the OS X build in terminal, you wanna change the colors. The default colors aren’t that nice. Instead of changing them manually and figure out a nice set of colors, just grab an existing color scheme for the app. Here are some links with nice color schemes ready to use for you.

OS X Terminal Settings

To change colors open the settings of terminal app and go to Profiles. Right there you already can select one of the delivered profiles. Double click to open a new instance with this profile and get a look at it. If you are happy with your choice, you can set it as default in the bottom of the list.

To add a new profile click the + in the bottom and modify the settings. You can also import a file with terminal suffix.

Smyck is available for more programs like Vim and Sublime Text. It comes with a terminal file ready to import. Smyck

If you like to have more options, take a look at base16 where you have 36 different ones. In his repository are links to further resources you wanna check out. base16 Duplicate an existing scheme in the terminal app and modify the files. Copy the hex values of each color and paste them in the copied scheme.

Perhaps you also wanna change the font of your terminal. That’s also possible in the so called profile. Just to get an idea of the different fonts others use, check out one of the following comparisons.