Why needs CMS a fundamental shift? - Alain Veuve

Yeah, someone else has nearly the same opinion about the #responsive Web as me. It’s fucked up. It’s no solution just … adoption. We need better solutions. Don’t compress something existing to a small Twitter layout. Or do you have a timeline? No most of you use Grids … Don’t merge the columns down to a single one … That’s crap. How can the visitor get an overview of your site and content? He still can do this on his desktop. Don’t cut this experience.

What do your visitors need? Deliver the requested experience. E.G. give them an overview with anchors. Deliver the right information in the right moment. But never ever tell him he don’t need a specific information. You never can cover all use cases. Let the visitor decide what he needs and give him a way to still fetch everything you have on your normal web page.

Or let him decide to visit your “old school” website or you optimized mobile experience.

But never ever tell him what he want. No one wants that. Ask your coders, ask you as a customer. Do you like someone who tells you: No you don’t want this color for your car, use this one! Or you have to use this editor for coding. I don’t care which editor you’ve used the last 10 years … That’s shit!

You can see the talk at Youtube with title: Why needs CMS a fundamental shift? - Alain Veuve