Say thanks to the TYPO3 Documentation Team

The TYPO3 Documentation Team makes a great job. Each feature is as good as it’s documentation. Whether inside the code or as HTML or plain text format.

The Team updates the documentation as good as it could.

Here are some examples of recently added documentations:

But how do you get to this pages? First get to the forge page of the documentation forge. Select the subproject you are interested in on the left side. E.g. the TCA Reference. Then select the tab Issues. There you can filter and if there is an issue you’re interested in, just click “watch” above or under the issue.

Of course you need a free account on for this. Inside your settings you can define to receive Email notifications. Then you can create a filter in gmail, a smart folder or whatever and check the updates.

If the team added or updated the documentation you will find the “changeset” with a link. There you can take a look at the diff and see what was added, updated or removed. No need to wait for rendering. Just take a look and see what was changed and where it was changes.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the rendered part from the file system. As in the example above Documentation missing for ext_autoload.php. Just take another look at the file names of the two diff views. The first shows you that there is a new menu point inside the API => TYPO3 Core APIs. This point is called Autoloading. And this is additionally updated inside Reserved File Names. Anyway it’s always a good idea to take a look at the currently active subproject while taking a look the diff.

And here are some resources where you can find the documentation:

  • Wiki -

  • Forge -

  • Docs -

  • API -

  • Get -

Of course the mentioned workflow above doesn’t work for documentation team only. It’s great to be notified about bugs and features in other teams, too.

I hope this post helps you to get deeper into the cosmos of TYPO3 and get a feeling for the great work the Teams do.