Use AJAX in TYPO3 without eID

I don’t like to use the eID mechanism, because I have to instantiate everything on my own (db-connection, feuser,...)

So I decided to use the “TypoScript-Way”.

First you need to create a new PAGE-Object:

tmp.ajaxConf = PAGE
tmp.ajaxConf {
    typeNum = 1249058000
    config {
        disableAllHeaderCode = 1
        xhtml_cleaning = 0
        admPanel = 0

ajax_fullPage < tmp.ajaxConf
ajax_fullPage {
    typeNum = 1296727024
    10 < styles.content.get

First I create a “blank” PAGE-Object with basic configuration for all AJAX-PAGE-Objects. Then I create a PAGE-Object to show everything on the actual page (for example my plugin). You can easily add your output in the Backend like Plugins, Images, HTML, Text, ... You just have to call this page with the defined typeNum like: /index.php?id=605&type=1296727024&ext_piVars[ajax]=1

Then I check the AJAX-Parameter in my extension to check whether to execute the AJAX-Part of the plugin or the default part.

// Check wether we have to execute the AJAX or the default:
if (isset($this->piVars["ajax"]) && $this->piVars["ajax"]) {
    return $this->ajax_store();

You can find a German version here: There are additional possibilities for AJAX and TYPO3.

Checked for TYPO3 Versions

The post was checked against TYPO3 version 4.7.