Vimfest Berlin 2016

You can find the Event online at .

Following the agenda, I’ll list the different things like Hacking, Talks and Tools in different sections here, so you can get an insight how the event was for me, what was shared and what I wanted to do.


The things I wanted to do during the hacking at first day:

  • Provide presentation configuration for Vim / Terminal.

  • Try out Athame an extension for zsh and readline to pipe keystrokes through an actual Vim process to not have an reduced emulation but the full power of Vim.

  • Try out mycli an interactive MySQL shell client with syntax highlighting and auto completion.

  • Try out PHP Refactoring support for Vim, support like PHPStorm and other IDEs provide to extract code into a new method or rename variables, clean up use statements, … .

  • Try out tldr an CLI client to user contributed simplified man pages.

  • Read Awesome lists to check out nice findings.

  • Try out vim gutentags.

  • Taskwarrior Taskwarrior Cheat sheet

  • Finish first working version of Codemonitoring.


The things I wanted to to during the talks at second day:


The event was amazing, one of the best coding meetups I participated so far. Everyone was encouraged and interested in exchanging know how about Vim, coding and further cli applications. Bram Moolenaar did join the event and presented the latest Vim 8.0 release. We were eating pizza at a nice restaurant and exchanged experiences.

Also Justin M. Keyes joined and introduced us to Neovim and the concepts behind the project and software.

Our host were Sven Guckes, Tim Quellmalz, and Matthias Günther. The event took place at IN-Berlin a great location.

So I’m looking forward to participate again next year in 2017.

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