• Vim on touch devices?

    Vim on touch devices?

    The first time I read a Blog post about using Vim on a mobile phone was very strange for me. As the power of Vim is all about being efficient on the keyboard which is missing physically on a smart phone.
    So why would you still use it? I’ve started to use VimTouch on my Android smart phone some weeks ago and won’t go back anymore. Here is why.

  • T3CON15 Day 1 - The agile conference

    First of all, all sessions will be available on Youtube as a playlist. So if you couldn’t make it this year, or want to rehear one talk, just check out the video. Until now, there are only two videos, but come later and fetch the rest. SHIFT
    The basic message from all agile talks was, shift, make changes and follow Kaizen. Even if nobody used the word Kaizen that day, they all succeed because they worked the Kaizen way.

  • Dynamic, context aware, content generation

    There was one talk at the TYPO3 conference this year, with the name “Semantic Annotations within TYPO3 CMS” by Johannes Goslar. The main goal is to prepare content inside TYPO3 CMS with semantic information, so you can deliver it with rich snippets to improve SEO. Beside that, the solution developed offers a way to query all your content by the semantic understanding. Most of us heard about Graphs nowadays, whether from Facebook or Google. They aim to make information understandable by computer and enable users to query information like they normally would in the real world.

  • Why not to be afraid of asking customers to pay for technical dept

    Why not to be afraid of asking customers to pay for technical dept

    An alternative name for this post could be: I definitely have to learn to take less, or to be happy with less perfectly work. As I had to finish a new feature for one of our customers today, while being at the TYPO3 conference in Amsterdam, I took a look at the time tracking. This feature took five hours of time to be implemented. Everything he requested was to implemented a Newsletter registration with double optin for a lottery game. Of course the customer already has a registration with double optin for the newsletter. So the only task I had to do, was to bring the information from lottery form to the newsletter. Sounds like a small deal and it actually was. But where does the time come from?

  • Inject TypoScript Settings

    Sometimes you need settings like TypoScript in a class which is not your controller. Inside a controller, the extbase framework already injects the settings for you, so you are able to access them under $this->settings.

  • OS X Terminal colors and fonts

    If you’re using the OS X build in terminal, you wanna change the colors. The default colors aren’t that nice. Instead of changing them manually and figure out a nice set of colors, just grep an existing color scheme for the app. Here are some links with nice color schemes ready to use for you. OS X Terminal Settings

  • Link list for Vim

    As a dedicated Vim user I’ve collected some links already which I want to share as a list here. This list is dedicated to my team mate @dk2kde. And I recommend walking through them in the order I’ve listed them.

  • Why needs CMS a fundamental shift? - Alain Veuve

    Yeah, someone else has nearly the same opinion about the #responsive Web as me. It’s fucked up. It’s no solution just … adoption.
    We need better solutions.
    Don’t compress something existing to a small Twitter layout. Or do you have a timeline? No most of you use Grids … Don’t merge the columns down to a single one … That’s crap. How can the visitor get an overview of your site and content? He still can do this on his desktop. Don’t cut this experience.

  • Versioning / revert old files

    Even Dropbox has a versioning system that allows you to restore deleted files and folders or revert an older version of a file. What a nice feature. But you can have it even without Dropbox for your local file management. Just try one of the modern version system. There are even nice GUI applications for them so it’s easy to use and setup.

  • Crypt Mails and Chats on Mac OS X

    You can crypt your Mail and Chat on Mac easily using Adium and Apple Mail using GPG. Here you can find the manuals: